GNU Ghostscript

A prebuilt installp (smit) installable package is available from

The PostScript interpreter GNU Ghostscript Version 2.3 and later supports
the RS/6000 and can be found on various ftp sites. Current version is 2.6.1.

Compile time problems:
Compile idict.c and zstack.c _without_ optimization, add the following
to the Makefile:

idict.o: idict.c
$(CC) -c idict.c

zstack.o: zstack.c
$(CC) -c zstack.c

Run time problems:
Running ghostview-1.5 with ghostscript-2.6.1, I get
gs: Malformed ghostview color property.
Solution: replace buggy version of ghostscript-2.6.1 X11 driver
with at least 2.6.1pl4
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