Oberon 2.2 From: afx@muc.ibm.de (Andreas Siegert)

Oberon is Wirth's follow on to Modula-2, but is not compatible. A free
version of Modula-3 is available from DEC/Olivetti at
gatekeeper.dec.com. This is not a Modula-2 replacement but a new
language. There are currently two M2 compilers for the 6000 that I
know of. One from Edinburgh Portable Compilers, +44 31 225 6262 (UK)
and the other from Gardens Point is availible through A+L in
Switzerland (+41 65 520311) or Real Time Associates in the UK

Oberon can be obtained via anonymous ftp from neptune.inf.ethz.ch
( under the directory Oberon/RS6000 or gatekeeper.dec.com

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