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Kermit - Communications From: Frank da Cruz

Available for all versions of AIX on RS/6000, PowerPC, PS/2, RT PC,
and 370-Series mainframes. For complete information on Kermit software
for AIX and hundreds of other platforms, visit the Kermit Web site:

C-Kermit 6.0 was announced November 30, 1996:

The nonprofit Kermit Project is funded primarily by manual sales.
For C-Kermit 6.0 the manual is the new second edition of "Using C-Kermit":

For RS/6000 and PowerPC with AIX 3.x or 4.x:

(or .gz)

Uncompress, untar (tar xvf cku192.tar) then:

make rs6aix32c <-- For AIX 3.x
make rs6aix41c <-- For AIX 4.x

This produces an exutable called "wermit". Before installing, read the
instructions in ckuins.doc from the tar file.

If you don't have a C compiler, you can get binaries at:

Send questions to kermit-support@columbia.edu.

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