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Expect From: Doug Sewell

To build the command-interpreter version, you must have the tcl library
built successfully. The expect library doesn't require tcl. Note:
Expect and its library are built with bsdcc, so applications using
the library probably also need to be developed with bsdcc.

I ftp'd expect from ftp.cme.nist.gov.

You need to change several lines in the makefile. First you need
to customize source and target directories and files:
TCLHDIR = /usr/include
TCLLIB = -ltcl
MANDIR = /usr/man/manl (local man-pages)
BINDIR = /u/local/bin
LIBDIR = /usr/lib
HDIR = /usr/include
Next set the compiler, switches, and configuration options:
CC = bsdcc
PTY_TYPE = bsd
Then you need to make these changes about line 90 or so:
comment out CFLAGS = $(CLFLAGS)
un-comment these lines:

Then run 'make'.

You can't run some of the examples without modification (host name,
etc). I don't remember if I ran all of them or not, but I ran enough
that I was satisfied it worked.

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