Public domain software on CD From: (Mel Beckman)

The Prime Time Freeware CD collection is a package of two CD's and docs
containing over THREE GIGABYTES of compressed Unix software. It costs $69
>from Prime Time Freeware, 415-112 N. Mary Ave., Suite 50, Sunnyvale, CA
94086. Phone 408-738-4832 voice, 408-738-2050 fax. No internet orders as
far as I can tell.

I've extracted and compiled a number of the packages, and all have worked
flawlessly so far on my 220. Everything from programming languages to 3D
solid modeling is in this bonanza!

[Ed: The O'Reilly book, Unix Power Tools, also contains a CD-ROM with lots
of useful programs compiled for the RS/6000, among other platforms.]
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