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Flexfax/HylaFax and other fax software From: Christian Zahl

Sam Leffler has released a new version of FlexFax called HylaFax. It
is availible from . There is a HlyaFax web
page at . Version V3.0pl1
supported many types of Class 1/2 fax modems and several UNIX systems
including AIX 3.2.3 or greater. There is also a fax modem review
document at the same site as . The FlexFax
related files on sgi.com are replicated on ftp.bsc.no as well.

>From: michael@hal6000.thp.Uni-Duisburg.DE (Michael Staats)

We're using mgetty+sendfax for the basic modem I/O, I wrote a printer
backend for the modem so that users can send faxes as easy as they print
postscript. I also wrote a little X interface composer to generate a
fax form that makes sending faxes very easy. You can find these
programs at hal6000.thp.Uni-Duisburg.DE under /pub/source.

program comment

mgetty+sendfax-0.14.tar.gz basic modem I/O, needs hacking for AIX
X11/xform-1.1.tar.gz small and simple X interface composer
with an example fax form. Needs
libxview.a incl. headers.
faxiobe.tar.gz fax backend, needs configuring for
your local site

If you need a binary version of libxview.a and the headers you'll find
them under /pub/binaries/AIX-3-2/lxview.tar.gz.

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