lsof - LiSt Open Files From: (Vic Abell)

Q. How can I determine the files that a process has opened?
Q. How can I locate the process that is using a specific network address?
Q. How can I locate the processes that have files open on a file system?

A. Use lsof (LiSt Open Files).

From: "Juan G. Ruiz Pinto"

Lsof is available via anonymous ftp from

(for the most current version). There are binary distributions in the
"binary" directory.

A prebuilt installp (smit) installable package is available from
. The installation scripts in this package
automatically creates a group "kmem" during the install
and uses "acledit" to allow the kmem group to read /dev/mem and /dev/kmem.
This configuration is recommended by Vic Abell , the
author of lsof.
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