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Zmodem - File transfer

RZSZ is Chuck Forsberg's script for Z-modem. It is available by ftp at
directly from Forsberg at Omen Technology BBS at 503-621-3746.

0. Build with "make posix"
1. Use an 8-bit clean version of rlogin or telnet (Note: below)
2. Set the system to be transparent, I use "terminal download"
3. Ensure hardware flow-control

Note, carlson@xylogics.com (James Carlson) suggests: Rlogin is
"slightly" unclean -- if an FF FF 73 73 appears in the datastream, it
can be ripped out by rlogind as a 'window size change' request.

[Ed note: The important part is using an 8-bit clean application,
since there are several implemenations of rlogin and telnet availible
you may need to try both and hunt down manuals to find the right flags
for your system]

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