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Memory leak detectors

IBM's xlC comes with a product called the HeapView debugger that can
trace memory problems in C and C++ code.

SENTINEL has full memory access debugging capabilities including detection
of memory leaks. Contact info@vti.com (800) 296-3000 or (703) 430-9247.

Insight from ParaSoft (818) 792-9941.
There is also a debug_malloc posted in one of the comp.sources groups.

A shareware dmalloc is available. Details at

TestCenter is now available for the RS/6000. It supports AIX 3.2.5
and AIX 4.1 on POWER, POWER2 and PowerPC machines. More information
is available from .

Purify (408) 720-1600 is not availible for the RS/6000.

ZeroFault detects memory violations and leaks without recompiling or
relinking. Works on all RS/6000 systems running AIX 3.2.5 or later,
DCE and pthreads. Contact The Kernel Group, Inc. +1 512 433 3333,
email , .

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