Some acronyms

APAR - Authorized Program Analysis Report
Created internaly by a systems programmer to solve a code bug.
BOS - Base Operating System
DCR - design change request
Someone asked to change something.
LPP - Licensed Program Product
ODM - Object Data Manager
Don't touch until you grok it.
PRPQ - programming request for price quotation
Essentialy, a program that is not available off-the-shelf.
(e.g. HACMP started as a PRPQ, you could not order HACMP, but
you could ask IBM for a highly-available solution)
PTF - Program Temporary Fix
Temporary ? Yes! Read "The Tao of Computing".
SMIT - System Management Interface Tool
SMITTY - SMIT, tty interface, no bells, no whistles. "alias smit=smitty"
Y2K - Done. Total non-event.
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