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How can I access the comp.unix.aix newsgroup via email (or Web)?

From: Ciaran Deignan

It is possible to get "digests" of the AIX newsgroup by email. Each
digest contains a summary (just the subject lines from each post)
plus the contents of a series of news articles posted to the newsgroup.
Each digest is about 800 lines long, and the newsgroup typically generates
5 digest mails per day.

To get these digests, you have to subscribe to a mailing list. Send
an email to the address majordomo@dmshome.youngstown.oh.us, and put
the text "subscribe aix-digest" in the body of the message.

[Editor's note: The above address does not appear to work any longer, if
anyone knows of a functional equivalent please drop me a note.]

It is equally possible to post articles to the newsgroup via email.
Any mail sent to the address aixnews@cc.ysu.edu will be forwarded to
the comp.unix.aix newsgroup.

These services are provided by Doug Sewell .

Comp.unix.aix can be accessed from the web via http://www.deja.com/

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