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The following persons have contributed to this list. If you want to
contribute anonymously, just let me know - but do tell me who you are.
I apologize if I omitted anyone.

Thank you all, this would definitely not be the same without _your_ input.

First and foremost (primus inter pares), Jens-Uwe Mager
for keeping this FAQ from falling into the Great Bit Bucket (for $$ knows
how long).

And all the people that insist on making the difference:
Luis Basto
Rudy Chukran
Christopher Carlyle O'Callaghan
Poul-Henning Kamp
Richard Wendland
Ge van Geldorp
Chris Jacobsen
Peter Jeffe
Jean-Francois Panisset
John Cary
Vijay Debbad
Dick Karpinski
Konrad Haedener
Doug Sewell
David Cordes
Graeme Moffat
Andrew Pierce
Stephen Linam
Jerome Park
Konrad Haedener
Steve Roseman
John Burton
Thierry Forveille
Joubert Berger
Minh Tran-Le
Paul Amaranth
Mark Whetzel
Daniel Packman
Ken Bowman
Cary E. Burnette
Christophe Wolfhugel
Leonard B. Tropiano
Bill Wohler
James Salter
Witold Jan Owoc
Marc Kwiatkowski
Ronald S. Woan
Mijan Huq
Herbert van den Bergh
Michael Stefanik
Julianne F. Haugh
Ed Kubaitis
Jaime Vazquez
Bjorn Engsig
Frank Kraemer
Andreas Siegert
Thomas Braunbeck
Marc Pawliger
Mel Beckman
Ole Holm Nielsen
David Dennerline
David Alexander
Ciaran Deignan
Varouj Vosguian
Richard Kessler <71051.1106@compuserve.com>
Jeff Warrington
Gary R. Hook
David Edelsohn
Mark Bergman
Jonathan S. Stibal
Charles J. Fisher
Lawry Simm
Michael Wojcik
Matt Willman
Jan Just Keijser
Olaf Meeuwissen
Michael Bhalla
Brent Burkholder
Joerg Schumacher
Frank Winans
Franz Pestenhofer

Opinions expressed here have nothing to do with IBM or my employer.
In fact, most of these opinions are borrowed from other people :)

All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

$HOME is where the $HEART is. (but you already knew that)
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