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How to Get Started

There are a handful of major Linux distributions. For information
about them, and how they are installed, see Matthew Welsh's
Installation and Getting Started, or IGS for short. It's located at
the Linux Documentation Project Home Page, http://www.linuxdoc.org/,
and on the Linux FAQ home page, http://www.mainmatter.com/

The information in IGS is somewhat dated now. More up-to-date
information about first-time Linux installation is located in the
LDP's Installation HOWTO, also located at the LDP Home Page.

Postings on the Usenet News groups, including the FAQ, are archived on
http://groups.google.com/. Search for "comp.os.linux.*,"
"alt.uu.comp.os.linux.*, or whatever is appropriate, to retrieve
articles from the Linux News groups. ("What News Groups Are There for

Commercial distributions are available from book and electronics
stores. Some hardware vendors now ship systems with Linux

There is a very thorough installation guide on line at

Some distributions can still be installed via anonymous FTP from
various Linux archive sites, but in many cases, the size of the
distribution makes this impractical. ("Where Are the Linux FTP
Archives?") There are also a large number of releases which are
distributed less globally that suit special local and national needs.
Many of them are archived at ftp://ftp.tux.org/

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