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Where Is the Latest Kernel Version on the Internet?

Make that versions. The 2.0 series kernels are still available for
older machines. The latest production kernel series is 2.2.x. The
updates to this kernel are bug fixes. The new 2.4 kernel sources are
also on-line.

The Web page at http://www.kernel.org/ lists the current versions of
the development and production kernels.

If you want to download the source code, FTP to ftp.xx.kernel.org,
where "xx" is the two-letter Internet domain abbreviation of your
country; e.g., "us" for United States, "ca" for Canada, or "de" for
Germany. Kernel versions 2.2.x are archived in the directory
pub/linux/kernel/v2.2, as are patches for the prerelease versions. The
kernel source code is archived as a .tar.gz file, and as a .tar.bz2

Follow the instructions in any of the standard references to compile
the kernel, as you would with any other custom kernel. The
Documentation subdirectory contains information by the authors of
various subsystems and drivers, and much of that information is not
documented elsewhere.

If you want to participate in kernel development, make sure that you
sign on to the linux-kernel mailing list to find out what people are
working on. Refer to the answer: "What Mailing Lists Are There?"

There is a story about the features of the 2.4 series kernels at

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