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Linux Prints Nasty Messages about Inodes, Blocks, and the Like

You may have a corrupted file system, probably caused by not shutting
Linux down properly before turning off the power or resetting. You
need to use a recent shutdown program to do this--for example, the one
included in the util-linux package, available on sunsite and tsx-11.

If you're lucky, the program fsck (or e2fsck or xfsck as appropriate
if you don't have the automatic fsck front-end) will be able to repair
your file system. If you're unlucky, the file system is trashed, and
you'll have to re-initialize it with mkfs (or mke2fs, mkxfs, etc.),
and restore from a backup.

NB: don't try to check a file system that's mounted read/write--this
includes the root partition, if you don't see

VFS: mounted root ... read-only

at boot time.

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