Programs Are Very Large

With an ELF compiler ("What's All This about ELF? glibc?"), the most
common cause of large executables is the lack of an appropriate .so
library link for one of the libraries you're using. There should be a
link like for every library like

With an a.out compiler the most common cause of large executables is
the -g linker (compiler) flag. This produces (as well as debugging
information in the output file) a program which is statically
linked--one which includes a copy of the C library instead of a
dynamically linked copy.

Other things worth investigating are -O and -O2, which enable
optimization (check the GCC documentation), and -s (or the strip
command) which strip the symbol information from the resulting binary
(making debugging totally impossible).

You may wish to use -N on very small executables (less than 8K with
the -N), but you shouldn't do this unless you understand its
performance implications, and definitely never with daemons.
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