Does Linux Support Threads or Lightweight Processes?

As well as the Unix multiprocessing model involving heavyweight
processes, which is of course part of the standard Linux kernel, there
are several implementations of lightweight processes or threads.
Recent kernels implement a thread model, kthreads. In addition, there
are the following packages available for Linux.

* GNU glibc2 for Linux has optional support for threads. The archive
is available from the same place as glibc2,
* In or Documentation isn't in the
package, but is available on the World Wide Web at Newer Linux
libc's contain the pthreads source. The GNU Ada compiler on
.tar.gz contains binaries made from that source code.
* In is QuickThreads.
More information can be found in the technical report, available
on the same site is /tr/1993/05/UW-CSE-93-05-06.PS.Z.
* In is lwp, a very minimal implementation.
* In, an Ada implementation. This is
useful mainly because it has a lot of Postscript papers that
you'll find useful in learning more about threads. This is not
directly usable under Linux.

Please contact the authors of the packages in question for details.
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