The Computer Has the Wrong Time

There are two clocks in your computer. The hardware (CMOS) clock runs
even when the computer is turned off, and is used when the system
starts up and by DOS (if you use DOS). The ordinary system time, shown
and set by date, is maintained by the kernel while Linux is running.

You can display the CMOS clock time, or set either clock from the
other, with /sbin/clock (now called hwclock in many distributions).
Refer to: man 8 clock or man 8 hwclock.

There are various other programs that can correct either or both
clocks for system drift or transfer time across the network. Some of
them may already be installed on your system. Try looking for adjtimex
(corrects for drift), Network Time Protocol clients like netdate,
getdate, and xntp, or NTP client-server suite like chrony. Refer to:
"How to Find a Particular Application.."
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