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lpr and/or lpd Don't Work

First make sure that your /dev/lp* port is correctly configured. Its
IRQ (if any) and port address need to match the settings on the
printer card. You should be able to dump a file directly to the

$ cat the_file >/dev/lp1

If lpr gives you a message like myname@host: host not found" it may
mean that the TCP/IP loopback interface, lo, isn't working properly.
Loopback support is compiled into most distribution kernels. Check
that the interface is configured with the ifconfig command. By
Internet convention, the network number is, and the local
host address is If everything is configured correctly, you
should be able to telnet to your own machine and get a login prompt.

Make sure that /etc/hosts.lpd contains the machine's host name.

If your machine has a network-aware lpd, like the one that comes with
LPRng, make sure that /etc/lpd.perms is configured correctly. Also
look at the Printing HOWTO. "Where can I get the HOWTO's and other
documentation? ".

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