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Boot-Time Configuration

You can configure Linux at the lilo: prompt either by typing the
kernel arguments at the BOOT lilo: prompt, or by adding an "append="
directive to the /etc/lilo.conf file; for example:

# At the LILO prompt (example only):
BOOT lilo: parport=0x3bc,7 parport=0x3bc,none serial=0x3f8,4 serial=0x2f8,3

# Example statement for /etc/lilo.conf:
append="parport=0x3bc,none serial=0x3f8,4 serial=0x2f8,3"

If you modify the /etc/lilo.conf file, be sure to run the lilo command
to install the new configuration.

Configuration notes for specific hardware devices are in the
documentation of the kernel source distribution,
/usr/src/linux/Documentation in most distributions.

Refer to the lilo and /etc/lilo.conf manual pages, as well as the LDP
BootPrompt-HowTo ("Where Is the Documentation?"), and the
documentation in /usr/doc/lilo.

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