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How To Scroll Backwards in Text Mode

With the default US keymap, you can use Shift with the PgUp and PgDn
keys. (The gray ones, not the ones on the numeric keypad.) With other
keymaps, look in /usr/lib/keytables. You can remap the ScrollUp and
ScrollDown keys to be whatever you like.

The screen program,
http://vector.co.jp/vpack/browse/person/an010455.html provides a
searchable scrollback buffer and the ability to take "snapshots" of
text-mode screens.

Recent kernels that have the VGA Console driver can use dramatically
more memory for scrollback, provided that the video card can actually
handle 64 kb of video memory. Add the line:

#define VGA_CAN_DO_64B

to the start of the file drivers/video/vgacon.c. This feature may
become a standard setting in future kernels. If the video frame buffer
is also enabled in the kernel, this setting may not affect buffering.

In older kernels, the amount of scrollback is fixed, because it is
implemented using the video memory to store the scrollback text. You
may be able to get more scrollback in each virtual console by reducing
the total number of VC's. See linux/tty.h.

[Chris Karakas]

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