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How To Enable and Select Virtual Consoles

In text mode, press the left Alt-F1 to Alt-F12 to select the consoles
tty1 to tty12; Right Alt-F1 gives tty13 and so on. To switch out of X
you must press Ctrl-Alt-F1, etc; Alt-F5 or whatever will switch back.

However, If you have a non-PC compatible system, please see the note

If you want to use a VC for ordinary login, it must be listed in
/etc/inittab, which controls which terminals and virtual consoles have
login prompts. The X Window System needs at least one free VC in order
to start.

[Note: The key sequence is actually Ctrl--Meta-- FN. On PC compatible
systems, the right and left Alt keys are really synonymous with the
keysymbols Meta_L and Meta_R. If the binding is different, you can
determine what keys produce Meta_L and Meta_R with xkeycaps or a
similar application.]

[David Charlap]

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