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How To Program XYZ Under Linux

Read the manuals, or a good book on Unix and the manual pages (type
man man). There is a lot of GNU Info documentation, which is often
more useful as a tutorial. Run Emacs and type F1-i, or type info info
if you don't have or don't like Emacs. Note that the Emacs libc node
may not exactly describe the latest Linux libc, or GNU glibc2. But the
GNU project and LDP are always looking for volunteers to upgrade their
library documentation.

Anyway, between the existing Texinfo documentation, and the manual
pages in sections 2 and 3, should provide enough information to get

As with all free software, the best tutorial is the source code

The latest release of the Linux manual pages, a collection of useful
GNU Info documentation, and various other information related to
programming Linux, can be found on

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