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How Many People Use Linux?

Linux is freely available, and no one is required to register with any
central authority, so it is difficult to know. Several businesses
survive solely on selling and supporting Linux. Linux news groups are
some of the most heavily read on Usenet. Accurate numbers are hard to
come by, but the number is almost certainly in the millions.

However, people can register as Linux users at the Linux Counter
project, which has been in existence since 1993. In August, 1998, the
project counted more than 70,000 users.

Visit the Web site at http://counter.li.org/ and fill in the
registration form. If you don't want to use the Web, send E-mail to
counter@counter.li.org with the subject line, "I use Linux at home,"
or "I use Linux at work."

The current count is posted monthly to comp.os.linux.misc, and is
always available from the Web site.

[Harald Tveit Alvestrand]

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