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Make Says, "Error 139."

Your compiler (GCC) dumped core. You probably have a corrupted, buggy,
or old version of GCC--get the latest release or EGCS. Alternatively,
you may be running out of swap space. Refer to: ("The Machine Runs
Very Slowly with GCC / X / ...")

If this doesn't fix the problem, you are probably having problems with
memory or disk corruption. Check that the clock rate, wait states, and
refresh timing for your SIMMS and cache are correct (hardware manuals
are sometimes wrong, too). If so, you may have some marginal SIMMS, or
a faulty motherboard or hard disk or controller.

Linux is a very good memory tester--much better than MS-DOS based
memory test programs.

Reportedly, some clone x87 math coprocessors can cause problems. Try
compiling a kernel with math emulation ("How To Upgrade/Recompile a
Kernel.") no387 kernel command line flag on the LILO prompt to force
the kernel to use math emulation, or it may be able to work and still
use the '387, with the math emulation compiled in but mainly unused.

More information about this problem is available on the Web at

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