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fdisk: Partition 1 does not start on cylinder boundary

The version of fdisk that comes with many Linux systems creates
partitions that fail its own validity checking. Unfortunately, if
you've already installed your system, there's not much you can do
about this, apart from copying the data off the partition, deleting
and remaking it, and copying the data back.

You can avoid the problem by getting the latest version of fdisk, from
Rik Faith's util-linux package (available on all the usual FTP sites).
Alternatively, if you are creating a new partition 1 that starts in
the first cylinder, you can do the following to get a partition that
fdisk likes.

* Create partition 1 in the normal way. A `p' listing will produce
the mismatch complaint.
* Type u to set sector mode and do p again. Copy down the number
from the End column.
* Delete partition 1.
* While still in sector mode, re-create partition 1. Set the first
sector to match the number of sectors per track. This is the
sector number in the first line of the p output. Set the last
sector to the value you wrote down in the step above.
* Type u to reset cylinder mode and continue with other partitions.

Ignore the message about unallocated sectors. They refer to the
sectors on the first track apart from the Master Boot Record, and they
are not used if you start the first partition in track 2.

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