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Mtools Utilities Say They Cannot Initialize Drive X

This means that mtools is having trouble accessing the drive. This can
be due to several things.

Often this is due to the permissions on floppy drive devices
(/dev/fd0* and /dev/fd1*) being incorrect. The user running mtools
must have the appropriate access. See the manual page for chmod for

Most versions of mtools distributed with Linux systems (not the
standard GNU version) use the contents of a file /etc/mtools to
determine which devices and densities to use, in place of having this
information compiled into the binary. Mistakes in this file often
cause problems. There is often no documentation about this.

For the easiest way to access your MS-DOS files (especially those on a
hard disk partition) see How do I access files on my DOS partition or
floppy? Note--you should never use mtools to access files on an
msdosfs mounted partition or disk!

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