Where can a get a library for programming sockets?

  There is the Simple Sockets Library by Charles E. Campbell, Jr. PhD.
  and Terry McRoberts.  The file is called ssl.tar.gz, and you can
  download it from this faq's home page.  For c++ there is the Socket++
  library which is on ftp://ftp.virginia.edu/pub/socket++-1.10.tar.gz.
  There is also C++ Wrappers.  The file is called
  ftp://ftp.huji.ac.il/pub/languages/C++/C++_wrappers.tar.gz.  Thanks to
  Bill McKinnon for tracking it down for me!  From
  http://www.cs.wustl.edu/~schmidt you should be able to find the ACE
  toolkit.  PING Software Group has some libraries that include a
  sockets interface among other things.  You can find them at

  I don't have any experience with any of these libraries, so I can't
  recomend one over the other.

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