Where has the XXX command gone now?

There are too many of these changes to include in this FAQ, but
here are some key ones:

a. locations are often different

Note that the last two commands are back in /usr/bin in
Solaris 2.5.

b. some old commands don't exist or have replacements

This information can be found in the Solaris 2.x Transition Guide -
Appendix A (commands), Appendix B (system calls), Appendix C (files).

This guide has undergone some changes from 2.0 -> 2.1 and beyond.
Several manuals have ended up being combined into this single
manual. This manual discusses administrative transition and
developer transition issues.

The command "whatnow" (for Solaris 2.x) is included in the
"Admigration Toolkit" package (see below). The Admigration
toolkit can be obtained from:

Admigration toolkit

Sample output:

% whatnow hostname
hostname 4.x command only
hostname /usr/ucb/hostname part of SCP package
hostname /usr/bin/uname -n alternate command

The whatnow command is limited in that it may point to
one command which may only implement a subset of the old
command (e.g., pstat points to sar, while pstat -s is identical
to swap -s)

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