What is Sun doing to help me migrate?

Sun has recently started several projects to aid in the transition.
Their WWW starting point is:

Solaris Migration Initiative home page

The project is a combination of new and existing efforts and includes:

1) Porting PD software to Solaris 2.x

2) Solaris Migration Tool: (formerly known as Pipeline tool) a tool
to help you port your code.

3) Admigration Toolset. Tools to help you convert your SunOS 4
environment and to help you adjust to the new Solaris 2.x environment.

4) Appmap: a tool to simplify application administration in a mixed
SunOS 4.x/Solaris 2.x environment

5) Solaris Transition CD

6) Native Solaris NIS

7) LP tools (simplified LP administration through NIS)

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