What FTP/WWW sites do I need to know about?

Sun's own WWW site, contains pointers to Sunsites, patches
and has lots of info, press releases etc, etc.

Solaris software catalogue, pointers to free software,
downloadable software from Sun, etc, etc.

Sun supplied Solaris freeware

Many, many Solaris 8+ binaries in pkg format

Solaris 2.x binaries

Solaris 2.x/SPARC binaries in pkgadd format

Solaris 2.x/x86 binaries in pkgadd format

SunSites - Sun sponsored sites. Lots of good stuff there.

Sun SITE AskERIC at Syracuse University - Syracuse

Sun SITE Australia at Australian National University - Canberra

Sun SITE Central Europe at RWTH-Aachen - Germany

Sun SITE Chile at Universidad de Chile - Santiago

Sun SITE Czech Republic at Charles University - Prague

Sun SITE Denmark at Aalborg University - Aalborg

Sun SITE Digital Library at University of California at Berkeley

Sun SITE France at Conservatoire National des Arts-et-Metiers - Paris

Sun SITE Hong Kong at University of Science and Tech. - Hong Kong

Sun SITE Hungary at Lajos Kossuth University, Debrecen - Hungary

Sun SITE Italy at University of Milan - Milan

Sun SITE Israel at Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Jerusalem

Sun SITE Japan at Science University - Tokyo

Sun SITE Korea at Seoul National University - Seoul

Sun SITE Mexico at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico - Mexico

Sun SITE Nordic at Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan - Stockholm

Sun SITE Northern Europe at Imperial College - London

Sun SITE People's Republic of China at Tsinghua University - Beijing

Sun SITE Poland at Warsaw University - Warsaw

Sun SITE Russia at Moscow State University - Moscow

Sun SITE Thailand at Assumption University - Bangkok

Sun SITE Spain at Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas, RedIRIS - Madrid

Sun SITE Singapore at National University of Singapore - Singapore

Sun SITE South Africa at University of the Witwatersrand - Johannesburg

Sun SITE USA at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

ftp.x.org - the master X11 site

ftp.quintus.com:/pub/GNU - GNU binaries

ftp.uu.net - UuNet communication archives

(mirrors abovementioned GNU binaries in systems/gnu/solaris2.3)

prep.ai.mit.edu and the GNU mirrors

Joe Shamblin's x86 site at Duke

server.berkeley.edu:/pub/x86solaris - x86 stuff


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