What mailing lists should I get?

First, read all the USENET newsgroups with "sun" in their name
and comp.unix.solaris.

1) The Florida SunFlash is a "closed" mailing list for Sun owners.
It contains mostly press releases from Sun and third-party
vendors. This list contains information on conferences such as
the Solaris Developer's Conference as well. It is normally
distributed regionally - to find out about a mail point in your
area, or for other information send mail to info-sunflash@Sun.COM.

Subscription requests should be sent to sunflash-request@Sun.COM.
Archives are on solar.nova.edu, ftp.uu.net, sunsite.unc.edu,
src.doc.ic.ac.uk and ftp.adelaide.edu.au

2) The Sun Managers list is an unmoderated mailing list for
emergency-only requests. Subscribe and listen for a while,
and read the regularly-posted Policy statement BEFORE sending
mail to it, and to get a feel for what kinds of traffic it carries.
Send a message with "subscribe sun-managers" in the body to
majordomo@sunmanagers.ececs.uc.edu to subscribe.

3) The solaris x86 list. Subscribe/unsubscribe by sending a message
with subscribe/unsubscribe in the BODY of the message to
solaris-x86-request@mlist.eis.com. A digested version of the list
is also available. To subscribe send an email message to
There's also an archive of this list.

4) The Sun Security Bulletin announcement mailing list.
Low volume, announcement only list.
Subscribe by mailing security-alert@sun.com with subject
"SUBSCRIBE cws user@some.host"

5) Read solarisx86 at groups.yahoo.com

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