Why can't I rlogin/telnet in as root?

>... when I try to rlogin as root ...
>it gives me the message "Not on system console
>Connection closed.". What have I left out?

Solaris 2 comes out of the box a heck of a lot more secure than
Solaris 1. There is no '+' in the hosts.equiv. root logins are not
allowed anywhere except the console. All accounts require passwords.
In order to allow root logins over the net, you need to edit the
/etc/default/login file and comment out or otherwise change the
CONSOLE= line.

This file's CONSOLE entry can actually be used in a variety of ways:

1) CONSOLE=/dev/console (default) - direct root logins only on console

2) CONSOLE=/dev/ttya - direct root logins only on /dev/ttya

3) CONSOLE= - direct root logins disallowed everywhere

4) #CONSOLE (or delete the line) - root logins allowed everywhere

/etc/hosts.equiv is still supported, but there is no default.

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