How can I set up anonymous FTP?

If you need help, ftp the file "ftp.anon" from

ftpd(1M) is nearly complete when it comes to setting
up anonymous ftp. It only leaves out /etc/nsswitch.conf. [S2.3]

Additionally, you must make sure that the filesystem ~ftp resides
on is not mounted with the nosuid option. This is because the nosuid
option also disables the kernel honoring device files which are
required in the chroot environment for ~ftp.

For security reasons, it is important that no files under ~ftp are
owned by ftp. If they are, anonymous users can modify them.

In Solaris 2.5 and later, you will need to copy /usr/lib/*
as well as provide a /dev/ticlts (for wu-ftpd).

Solaris 9 comes with a new FTP server derived from wu-ftpd; it
is much more configurable.

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