How can I print from a Solaris 2 (or any System V Release 4) system

to a SunOS4.x (or any other BSD) system?

The easiest way would be using the GUI-based Admintool which has a
Printer Manager that is supposed to be able to do all this and

Later releases include /usr/sbin/printmgr (S10+) or
/usr/sadm/admin/bin/printmgr (S9) which is easier to setup.

Hmmm, the lp system is totally different than what you're used to.
The System V Line Printer System is a lot more, well, flexible.
A cynic might say "complicated". Here's a very quick guide --
see the man pages for each of these commands for the details.

Let's say your Solaris2 workstation is called "sol" and the
4.1.x server is called "bertha" and you want the printer name
to be "printer" (imaginative, eh?).

sol# lpsystem -t bsd bertha # says bertha is a bsd system
sol# lpadmin -p printer -s bertha -T unknown -I any
# creates "printer" on "sol"
# to be printed on "bertha"
# The following two commands are no longer needed in 2.6 and later:
sol# accept printer # allow queuing
sol# enable printer # allow printing
sol# lpstat -t # check the status

Finally, if that's your only printer, make it the default:

sol# lpadmin -d printer

On some systems you may have to turn on the port monitor.

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