How can I print to a networked printer?

Before Solaris 2.6, you either needed special software like JetAdmin
or get a printer that supported the BSD print protocol and set your
system up as a BSD client.

Starting with Solaris 2.6, there's a new lp "model" script,
"netstandard". This script allows you to print to remote BSD
type printers as well as over raw TCP/IP connections. It's used
like this:

# Raw TCP
lpadmin -p <localname> -m netstandard -o protocol=tcp -o dest=host:port \
-v /dev/null
lpadmin -p <localname> -m netstandard -o protocol=bsd -o dest=host \
-v /dev/null

Enable/accept and you're all set.

When using netstandard, all filtering is done locally. When configured
as a BSD print client, filtering isn't done locally as only print
servers should filter jobs.

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