What happened to /dev/MAKEDEV? How do I add devices?

Device drivers are linked in dynamically. When you add new
devices, just shutdown the system and do

boot -r # use drive spec if not default disk

to rebuild the /devices and /dev directories.

When you're adding a device without rebooting or forgot to do
a reconfigure boot, you can run the "configure devices" commands.

In Solaris 8 it is as simple as running "devfsadm" without arguments.

Older solaris releases don't have "devfsadm" and you need to run a
few commands, e.g., if you've just added a SCSI disk, you
run the following commands (as the superuser):

/usr/sbin/disks # or /usr/sbin/tapes for tapes
/usr/ucb/ucblinks # Compatibility links

exit 0

Note that this only works if you already have at least one SCSI disk on
the system. (This is because the above just makes symbolic links and
things, it does not load up the SCSI driver kernel modules, etc.)

Starting with Solaris 9, the command update_drv(1m) allows you to
reload driver's .conf files without rebooting or unloading the

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