What happened to /etc/rc and /etc/rc.local?

They're now fragmented into 12 million tiny little pieces. Look in
the following files to get oriented:

/etc/inittab - defines which programs init starts and when.
/sbin/rcS, /etc/rcS.d/* - booting stuff
/sbin/rc2, /etc/rc2.d/*,
/sbin/rc3, /etc/rc3.d/* - stuff for multi-user startup.

Note that all files in /etc/rc*.d/* are hardlinked from
/etc/init.d (with better names), so you should grep in there.

There are many "run levels" to the System V init; the run
level 3 is normally used for "multi user with networking."

When executing the scripts in an /etc/rc?.d directory, the
K* scripts are executed first, followed by the S* scripts.
Scripts ending in .sh are executed in the same shell and can
be used to set environment variables used further on in the
same directory.

A basic startup script looks like this:

# Sample init.d script.
# Install a copy under /etc/init.d/your-daemon
# make links to /etc/rc2.d/Sxxyour-daemon (or rc3.d)
# and /etc/rc[01].d/Kxxyour-daemon.
# Scripts ending in .sh are executed with the sh "." command.
# Scripts not ending in .sh are executed as "sh script"

case "$1" in
#... commands to start daemon ....
#... commands to stop daemon ....

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