How can I prevent daemons from creating mode 666 files?

Prior to Solaris 8, all daemons inherited the umask 0 from init.
In Solaris 8, the default was changed from 0 to 022, a saner
value. It is now settable in /etc/default/init (CMASK=value).
The old behaviour is most problematic for a service like ftp, which
in a standard configuration leaves all uploaded files with mode 666.

To get daemons to use another umask execute the following
commands in /bin/sh and reboot:

umask 022 # make sure gets created with the proper mode
echo "umask 022" > /etc/init.d/
for d in /etc/rc?.d
ln /etc/init.d/ $d/

Note: the trailing ".sh" of the scriptname is important, if
you don't specify it, the script will will be executed in a
sub-shell, not in the main shell that executes all other scripts.

In Solaris 2.6 and later, in.ftpd(1M) allows setting its umask
in /etc/default/ftpd.

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