Why do swap -l, swap -s and /tmp disagree about the amount of swap?

First of all, let's get the tmpfs issue (/tmp, /var/run) out of
the way. The tmpfs filesystem is a filesystem that takes memory
from the virtual memory pool. What it lists as size of swap is the
sum of the space currently taken by the filesystem and the available
swap space unless the size is limited with the size=xxxx option.

In other words, the "size" of a tmpfs filesystem has nothing to
do with the size of swap; at most with the available swap.

The second confusing issue is what "swap" really is. Solaris
defines swap as the sum total of physical memory not otherwise
used and physical swap. This is confusing to some who believe that
swap is just the physical swap space.

The "swap -l" command will list the swap devices and files configured
and how much of them is already in use.

The "swap -s" command will list the size of virtual swap. Physical
swap added to the physical memory. On systems with plenty of memory,
"swap -l" will typically show little or no swap space use but "swap -s"
will show a lot of swap space used.

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