How do I use DNS w/o using NIS or NIS+?

Under SunOS 4.1 it was next to impossible to run DNS name resolution
without either a kludge fix or the NIS (V2 I guess). Under Solaris
2.1 it is incredibly simple, but you must ignore what the manual
(SunOS 5.1 Administering NIS+ and DNS) says (the manual is fixed
in Solaris 2.2). All that is required to make a non-NIS host
use the DNS for name resolution is to change the host: line in
the /etc/nsswitch.conf file to the following:

hosts: files dns

(i.e., when looking for hosts, look in /etc/hosts first, if not
found there, try DNS, if still not found then give up) and set
up a correct version of /etc/resolv.conf to tell the resolver
routines (like gethostbyname) how to contact the DNS
nameserver. You must have the names of machines which are
somehow contacted during boot in the files in /etc and files
must appear first in the hosts: line, otherwise the machine
will hang during boot (at least ours did). Make sure that
/etc/netconfig is as it was shipped. (In Solaris 2.3 and earlier,
it will use "," for ip, in Solaris 2.4 it
just uses "-")

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