Can I run a nis/yp server under Solaris 2.x?

A number of options have been made available over time for
running ypserv on Solaris:

1) NSkit 1.0. A version of SunOS 4.x NIS executables made to
work on Solaris 2.x. Fully included in patch 101363-08.

2) NSkit 1.1. Native, available from OPcom, but never left beta
stage. Didn't do DNS lookups well (the entire server hangs until
a DNS request is answered).

3) NSkit 1.2. Native. Freely available from the Solaris 2.x
migration initiative home page. Supports multi-homed hosts,
async DNS lookups and shadow password maps. Also shipped with
the 2.5 server kit.

4) SUNWypr/SUNWypu native Solaris packages. Shipped with
Solaris 2.6 and later as part of the base OS CD.

NSkit 1.2 is available for SPARC and x86.

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