Sendmail connection to non-Unix hosts don't work.

With the introduction of sendmail V8 for Solaris 2.x in patch form
and in Solaris 2.5, a bug in has suddenly started to
play up. The end-of-line character is not defined for the ethernet
mailer, causing sendmail to send bare newlines in violation of the
SMTP protocol which requires CR-NL.To fix, find the following line

Mether, P=[TCP], F=msDFMuCX, S=11, R=21, A=TCP $h

and change it to:

Mether, P=[TCP], F=msDFMuCX, S=11, R=21, A=TCP $h, E=\r\n

To be on the safe side, check all lines starting with "M" that contain
P=[TCP] or P=[IPC]. They all should use "E=\r\n".

This bug is also fixed in the latest Solaris 2.x sendmail patches.

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