Patch installation often fails with "checkinstall" errors.

When installing a patch, the Solaris 2.5+ patch installation
procedure will execute the script "checkinstall" with uid nobody.

If any of the patch files or if any part of the path leading up to
the patch directory cannot be read by nobody, an error similar to
the following will appear:

patchadd . # or ./installpatch .
Generating list of files to be patched...
Verifying sufficient filesystem capacity (exhaustive method) ...
Installing patch packages...
pkgadd: ERROR: checkinstall script did not complete successfully

You can workaround this in two ways, one is to make sure that the
user "nobody" can read all patch files and execute a "pwd" in the
patch directory or add an account "install" to /etc/passwd:

install:x:0:1:installpatch braindamage:/:/bin/true

Installpatch and patchadd use "nobody" as a fallback if it cannot
find the "install" user.

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