I have a problem with large disk drives.

Various releases of Solaris have different upper limits in the
size of the IDE disks they support. For SCSI, there are
really no such limits, though older versions of format do
not support really large raids.

All releases support IDE disks <= 8GB; support for those
disks is primarily a BIOS issue on Intel.

Support for IDE disks between 8 and 32 GB was added in Solaris 7/SPARC
and Solaris 8/Intel. Note the difference in release between

Support for IDE disks over 32 GB was added to Solaris 8 10/00
for both SPARC and Intel.

Solaris releases that support IDE disks upto 8GB will truncate
larger disks to 8GB. To use such disks to the max after upgrading
to a later release of Solaris/SPARC requires zeroing the disk label
with dd before relabeling it.

Solaris releases that support disks between 8GB and 32 GB will
truncate the disk to "real size modulo 32GB". I.e., a 40GB or 72GB
disk becomes a 8GB one, a 33GB or 65GB disk becomes 1GB, etc.

SPARC/IDE systems have no OpenBoot issues with disks over 8GB
and can boot fine from beyond the 8GB/32GB mark.

Solaris/Intel didn't support IDE disks > 8GB until release 8;
BIOS permitting, Solaris 8 can even boot from beyond the 8GB mark.
Older Solaris/Intel releases have a hard time coping with such
big disks.

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