Where is the C compiler or where can I get one?

Where have you been? :-) Sun has dropped their old K&R C
compiler, supposedly to create a market for multiple compiler
suppliers to provide better performance and features. Here
are some of the contenders:

1) Sun Studio C:

This is the compiler which is used for Solaris development;
includes various compilers with x86/amd64 support (and SSE/SSE2, etc)

Various licensing schemed.

2) Apogee compilers

Apogee sells C, C++, f77 and f90 compilers, mainly for SPARC.
These compiler include the KAP preprocessors from Kuck and

3) Gcc.

Gcc is available from the GNU archives in source form. You need
gcc 2.3.3 or later, and you should prefer gcc 2.8.0 or later as it
works better with Solaris 2.x include files.
You should not use GNU as or GNU ld. Make sure you run just-fixinc
if you use a binary distribution. Better is to get a binary
version and use that to bootstrap gcc from source.

Solaris 10 includes gcc in /usr/sfw/bin/gcc; this compiler was
used to build the AMD64 bits of Solaris 10.

GNU software is available from (unchecked URLs):






When you install gcc, don't make the mistake of installing
or GNU libc, they are not as capable as their
counterparts you get with Solaris 2.x.

4) Info on other compiler vendors will be added if you send us some.

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