Which packages do I need to install to support a C compiler?

Solaris ships with everything you need, with the exception of the
compiler itself. Solaris ships with the include files, make, an
assembler, linker and libraries. All this stuff lives in
/usr/ccs/bin (add it to your PATH before /usr/ucb if that's in your
PATH as well) /usr/ccs/lib and /usr/include.

If you still can't find it, make sure you have the following
packages installed on your system:

for tools (sccs, lex, yacc, make, nm, truss, ld, as):
SUNWbtool, SUNWsprot, SUNWtoo, SUNWcpp
for libraries & headers:
SUNWhea, SUNWarc, SUNWlibm, SUNWlibms
SUNWdfbh, SUNWcg6h, SUNWxwinc, SUNWolinc,
SUNWxglh, SUNWlibC, SUNWzlib, SUNWscpu
for 64 bit development (in S10 these have all been merged into
the non-x versions):
SUNWarcx, SUNWbtoox, SUNWdplx, SUNWscpux, SUNWsprox,
SUNWtoox, SUNWlmsx, SUNWlmx, SUNWlibCx, SUNWzlibx
for ucb compat:
SUNWsra, SUNWsrh

These packages are all on the Solaris 2.x CDs, except that some
packages may only exist in some releases and not in others.
Some packages may be on separate CDs, such as the "Desktop/CDE"
CD, but all are part of the Solaris "bundle".

Some of the above packages may do not exist in all Solaris releases.

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