After compiling X11R6 with gcc 2.7.0, X programs won't find their


Someone at GNU made a bad mistake by adding a the following
misfeature to gcc 2.7.0: in the absence of -R options, specify
a -R option for each -L option on the commandline.

While this looks "neat" on the surface, this makes ld ignore
LD_RUN_PATH, which is the mechanism used by R6 to set the RPATH.
It also introduces a security hole, as it sets a relative RPATH for
all X executables, including the set-uid ones.


remove the following bit from the gcc-lib/.../2.7.0/specs file:

%{!static:%{!R*:%{L*:-R %*}}}

then rebuild X.

This is fixed in gcc 2.7.1

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