How can I run X11R6 on my SS4 w/ TCX?

Although it is possible to switch the TCX to dumb cg3 mode and
run X11R6 on that, Matt Landau of the X consortium said the
following on the matter:

"But why would you want an accelerated 24-bit framebuffer to
behave like a dumb 8-bit framebuffer under Solaris 2?

"OpenWindows versions 3.3 and 3.4 (bundled with Solaris 2.3 and
Solaris 2.4 respectively) are perfectly reasonable R5-based
implementations of X, with a perfectly good R5 server that also
does DPS and takes advantage of the TCX. They have none of the
brokenness associated with the old X11/NeWS server from OpenWindows
versions 3.2 and before.

"Of course, if you want R6 libraries and apps, you can build R6 and
run R6 applications against the OpenWindows 3.4 server, and still
get full benefit of the TCX. Works just fine."

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