I can't get perl 4.036 to compile or run.

You really should be using perl 5; perl 4.036 hasn't been updated
since 1992 and is considered "dead".

Run Configure, and use the solaris_2_0 hints, don't use
the solaris_2_1 hints and don't use the config.sh you may
already have. First you must make sure Configure and make
don't find /usr/ucb/cc. (It must use gcc or the native C
compiler: /opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc)

Some questions need a special answer.

Are your system (especially dbm) libraries compiled with gcc? [y] y

yes: gcc 2.3.3 or later uses the standard calling
conventions, same as Sun's C.

Any additional cc flags? [ -traditional -Dvolatile=__volatile__
-I/usr/ucbinclude] -traditional -Dvolatile=__volatile__

Remove /usr/ucbinclude.

Any additional libraries? [-lsocket -lnsl -ldbm -lmalloc -lm
-lucb] -lsocket -lnsl -lm

Don't include -ldbm, -lmalloc and -lucb.

Perl 5 compiles out of the box and comes preinstalled with Solaris 8
and later.

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